Toronto's gay penguins split as one comes out as bisexual

Toronto's gay penguins, Buddy and Pedro, have officially split, say zoo keepers, after one of them found a female mate.

The same-sex pair of endangered African penguins at the Toronto Zoo, were separated from each other by their handlers and paired up with females as part of a species survival programme.

The couple had shared a nest for around a year after arriving at the zoo, with videos of the pair becoming hugely popular on the internet.

Tom Mason, Toronto Zoo's curator of birds and invertebrates, said that less than three days after Buddy and Pedro's partnership ended, Buddy, who appears to be bisexual, successfully paired with a female penguin, Farai.

Buddy, 21, previously had a female partner for a decade and produced chicks.

But Pedro, 10, has not yet found a female mate and is yet to produce any offspring.

Date: 13 December 2011


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