Tesco signs deal to sponsor London Pride

Tesco has signed a deal to become a major sponsor of London Pride, the UK’s largest gay festival.

As part of the deal, Tesco will host a family area designed to provide families attending the event with a “safe, relaxed and chilled out” place with family-friendly entertainment and activities aimed at younger children.

The supermarket will also contribute £30,000 towards the funding of the free-to-attend event, which is organised by volunteers.

The move, however, prompted outraged comments from religious groups. Francis Phillips, a commentator at The Catholic Herald, condemned Tesco's decision, describing Pride London as "an aggressive political organisation".

David Skinner of the Anglican Mainstream organisation wrote to Tesco, saying the move would show "the utmost contempt for a large proportion of British society that still adheres, more or less, to the morality and values of the Ten Commandments."

Andrew Higginson, CEO of retailing services at Tesco, says: “Tesco is the UK’s largest private employer, and a very diverse international organisation where everybody is welcome. Our Out at Tesco team will be working closely with Pride London to ensure next year’s event is even more a fun.”

Pride London will be extending its carnival route and adding a second day to the festival for 2012, when it will host the global festival WorldPride 2012.

Date: 12 November 2011


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