Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival begins tonight with: “Man at Bath,” from French director Christophe Honoré and “The Kids Are All Right,” the Hollywood film about a lesbian couple whose two teenage children locate their sperm-donor father.

The festival, which runs until 1 December, is screening about 50 pictures and short films from around the world.

Festival director Joe Lam says "Our films show diverse backgrounds and stories from many different countries. They tell you what it means to be gay in all sorts of countries around the world ... this year in particular we are putting the boy’s and girl’s opening galas in the same cinema, so it will be like a mini Gay Pride. Come celebrate the biggest LGBT festival of the year with us!"

Date: 19 November 2010


Will have to look out for the French film at the London gay film festival. Looks good.
outandabout, London - 22 November 2010 10:08 PM

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