London's first gay & lesbian cafe to close after 25 years

After 25 years of serving London's lesbian and gay community, First Out has announced it will cease trading at the end of October.

This decision comes after the failure of protracted lease negotiations, as the area around the café bar undergoes intense redevelopment.

For a quarter of a century, First Out has served as a touchstone for thousands of young people coming out in London. For many, it offered an alternative to the bars and clubs in the area, by providing a warm, supportive & quirky atmosphere, combined with excellent affordable vegetarian food. First Out served a wide range of customers, appealing to all ages, gay and straight.

This part of London, which is at the centre of the Crossrail expansion, has seen the closure of a number of much loved gay venues in recent years. The Ghetto has managed to relocate to Old Street, after its original venue in Falconberg Court was demolished in 2008 and legendary music venue, the Astoria, which hosted the hugely successful G-A-Y before it moved to Heaven also closed down.

The owners of First Out have urged customers and friends to call in to say farewell before the end of the month and a commemorative book will be available for signing, as well as the guest book on the First Out website.

Date: 12 October 2011


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