Lesbian couple refused room in Brighton hotel

A lesbian couple who were denied a room in a Brighton hotel are taking legal action against the manager who they say barred them because of their sexuality.

Rebecca Nash, 22, and Hope Stubbings, 19, who are being backed by the human rights organisation Liberty, say that they booked their accommodation at the Brunswick Square Hotel by telephone but were refused entry by the manager when they arrived.

The hotel manager has denied that they were discriminated against and instead saying they were refused a room for being "loud” and “rude".

Nash, said that when she arrived with her girlfriend at the hotel, the manager said: "No, I don't have any rooms. We only accept couples and families."

Nash said that when they explained that they were a couple, the manager said: "No two boys, no two girls."

In January, a gay couple each won £1,800 in compensation after a judge ruled that a hotel in Cornwall acted unlawfully by refusing them a double room. This latest alleged incident will cause surprise amongst the LGBT community however given Brighton's reputation as a gay detination.

Date: 23 April 2011


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