East End Pride Organised in Response to Anti-Gay Poster Campaign

A samll collection of people based in London's east end have taken it on themselves to hold an ‘East End Gay Pride’ March on Saturday 2nd April 2011.

This follows the appearance over recent weeks of stickers and posters all over the East End of London declaring the area to be a "gay-free zone".

The sitckers, which have been condemned by the East London Mosque and the Mayor of Tower Hamlets also include quotes from the Koran. They follow attacks last year on gay men in an around local gay venue, the George and Dragon.

The organisers of East End Pride stated "East London IS, always HAS been and always WILL be a “gay friendly zone”.

"Many gay people live, work and socialise in the East End of London and will continue to do so despite the wishes of these misguided individuals behind this homophobic campaign."

The organisers have also made clear that this is not an anti-muslim event and nor will they allow it to be politicised by the likes of the English Defence League or the Socialist Workers Party.

The Meeting point for the March is King Edward VII Memorial Park in Glamis Road, E1 and the route of the Demo will be include areas where these stickers and posters have been appearing in high volumes, including Watney Street, Commercial Road, West India Dock Road and Poplar High Street.

The groups ask those attending to bring an abundance of rainbow flags, pink Union Jacks and any other non-political banners or placards that clearly announce there is a strong and active gay presence in the east end of London

For those who wish to make an extra effort, the theme will be Pearly Drag Queens and Kings.

OutGuider would like to commend the organisers of this event for taking the time and effort to try to make a positive difference in combating homophobia. Bravo.

Date: 26 February 2011


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