Top Five Romantic Destinations

It's Valentine's Day on Monday. If you're lucky enough to have a special someone to share it with, where is the best place to go? Here we list our top five romantic destinations:

1. Venice

Nothing beats Venice for sheer beauty and romance. And in February you won't be accompanied by thousands of other tourists looking on whilst you take that romantic gondola ride along the grand canal.

For a more authentic experience, stroll along the backstreets, stumbling across one beautiful building after another. Stop off for cicchetti (incredible Venetian tapas) and a glass (or two) of superb local wine. Bliss.

Stay in: Dorsoduro 461

2. Sydney

If you want sunshine on Valentine's day, head to Australia. Go to the beach, have dinner on the quay front, catch an opera. Or forget all that and head to Sydney's world famous gay scene. What better way to celebrate the feast of St Valentine than clubbing the night away with hundreds of other like minded souls.

Stay in: The Wattle

3. Berlin

Romantic? Maybe not. Sexy? 100%. If you're looking for something a little more sexed up, head to the German capital.

It may not be the prettiest place in the world but it's very cool. By day, explore some of the history of this city which has seen more than its fair share of drama. By night, stumble across one hip bar after another, dance at some of the best clubs in the world or go and see a cabaret show and relive those sexy roaring twenties...

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4. Provincetown

This gay mecca is great any time of the year but on Valentine's day it's even more special to feel like you and your loved one are not in the minority! Stay in a quaint New England B&B, stroll along the main drag, eat lobster and drink champagne. This is the high life!

Stay in: Christopher's by the Bay

5. London

It's all here. By day, you have world class art, museums, music. By night you have super-cool East London bars, traditional gay centre, Soho, and for great clubbing, Vauxhall. Ok, it will probably be raining but there's so much to do in London, that you won't mind.

Best of all, the locals know how to party, so go prepared. When you're done, you'll need to cure your hangover with the famous full English breakfast...

Stay in: Oscar Wilde's room in the Cadogan Hotel

Date: 09 February 2011


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