Married man claims Parkinson’s drug turned him into gay sex addict

A French man is suing pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline because he says that a drug used to treat his Parkinson’s disease turned him into a gay sex addict.

Lawyers acting for Didier Jambart, 51, say his behaviour changed radically after he was first given the drug in 2003.

As well as allegedly becoming a compulsive gay sex addict, the married father of two claims to have become addicted to gambling, lost his family's savings, and tried to kill himself three times.

Mr Jambart says he took to cross-dressing and exposing himself on the Internet and that his risky encounters led to him being raped.

The addictions ceased when he stopped taking the medication in 2005, say his lawyers, but by then he was experiencing psychological trauma as a result of his addictions and he had been demoted in his defence ministry job.

Undesired side effects of Requip have been known for years, but a warning only appeared inside its packaging in 2006. Mr Jambart is seeking damages from both Glaxo, which he accuses of selling a 'defective' drug, and from his neurologist, for not properly informing him about Requip.

Date: 01 February 2011


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