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Candelaria del Monte

Address: Paunero 2832 PB
CP 1425
Ciudad de Buenos Aires- Argentina
Telephone: (0054) 02271 442431
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Number of reviews: 1

JD, London - 02 December 2010
Rating: 55555
Hotel review: A lovely estancia set in beautiful surroundings only 1.5 hours outside Buenos Aires. The room/suite was fantastic (like a little apartment - 2 bedrooms, a living area and a large bathroom - we'd only booked a double room!). The setting is a bit like a movie - the owner (Sebastian) is a recently divorced (and I imagine very wealthy) artist, sharing a vast country house with horses, dogs and various other types of wildlife.
Gay friendliness: The estancia has 6 rooms, and only 3 were filled while we stayed there. Sebastian made us feel very welcome (which I imagine may not be the case for gay people in many small estancias) - e.g. when he showed us to our 2-bedroom quarters, he said "here is your double room, and here is the spare room where you can store your luggage".

The nature of the accommodation means that you generally eat with the others staying at the estancia (although Sebastian gave us the option of not doing that). We got on very well with the guests we dined with, although I could imagine that if homophobic guests were staying it would be awkward.

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